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blue energy

blue energy


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Here is the latest in my series of Heritage freebie kits – Recollections.  It is designed to show those old holiday photos and bring back memories of bucket and spades, icecream, and strolls along the prom.  Hope you like it. I would love to see your pages and hear your comments.

Download link for pack file for CAP users

I have split the file in two to make the files smaller and to enable you to download if you are not a member of 4 shared.

Download link for recollections part 1


Download for part 2


Download link for  zip file






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Really am getting in the mood for the beach , but don’t think I’ll be doing any riding 😉   lovely old photos from the net and bits from the new freebie  kit ‘Recollections’ which should be ready next week. I am particularly pleased with the sunglasses which I  made in CAP .

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Playing with bits from the new kit- it won’t be long before it is finished. The background is made from a watercolour I did a couple of years ago and the photo is my sister and cousin.

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Off to the beach soon

Packing ready for the first trip of the season down to Somerset. Hope the weather stays good. Looking forward to walking the dogs on the beach.

Used some embelishments I am preparing for a new kit.


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